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The Old Ways Podcast

Dec 30, 2019

The Doctor and Mr. Forsyth investigate their collective lost memories, while Stazi's once buried past comes back to haunt her present- in full view for all. 

*As a warning to our listeners, this episode includes a trigger warning for domestic violence* 


Dec 23, 2019

In another of our special spotlight episodes, we catch up with Doctor Tattenbach during his week of research after the incidents at the Stockyards. When a strange former patient visits, his memory -and his relationship with his assistant Lily - are thrown into chaos. 



Dec 16, 2019

Our mystery of missing time deepens as Maeve and Doyle discuss the parts of their memory and why threads of their lives seems to have crossed before. Mr Forsyth tumbles into meeting each one delivering news and uncovering his own part in the missing memory of time spent in Peru. 

Dec 9, 2019

We return to our story to find Jack Doyle investigating a gangster's whereabouts, after seeking absolution from the local church. From the depths of the Dreamlands, Mr. Forsyth returns with his charge, but not without some lingering effects. Ms. O'Shea dreams of monstrous dealing in memories she cannot place,...

Nov 29, 2019

In a rare Friday release, The Old Ways Team has come for individual interview sessions. Learn all about our players and how they view their characters, where they draw their inspiration for the investigators, and many other secrets!