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The Old Ways Podcast

Sep 23, 2022

In the aftermath of the art gallery, Marcus seeks help from his old friend Frank for the battle to come.


Guest Starring: Keeper Murph from The Miskatonic University Podcast

Sep 19, 2022

Sam, Doctor Tattenbach, and Lillian meet to discuss the concern over Sam's situation after Egypt. The Doctor has a keep treatment plan in mind, but will it be enough to forge a lasting change?

Sep 16, 2022

Brought together by another series of invitations, the coterie is forced to face a sample of personal nightmares of their own making. 

Sep 15, 2022

Lady Elisabeth and Maggie set out to meet an important family in Trieste, while the Professor does some soul searching. Mr. Fraser inspects an important monument with foreboding results. 

Sep 15, 2022

As the Investigators go over the documents together at the hotel, Mr. Fraser explores a local church were an unexpected guest has come to pay him a visit.