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The Old Ways Podcast

Aug 30, 2021

Gathering the last bits and pieces from Walton-on-the-Naze, the group decides to head back to London where the next leg of their journey will begin with a new method of transportation. Sigmund takes on an old patient in a new way. 

Aug 26, 2021

With their arrival in Lausanne, the investigators pick through their misty dream-like memories and begin to search the town's cobblestone streets for Edgar Wellington

Aug 23, 2021

Picking through the pieces the Misr House gave them, the investigators seek solace they have trouble finding. Jack meets with Inspector Barrington, while Meave and Lillian commit themselves to the future. 


Aug 19, 2021

Transported aboard The Dreamlands Express, the investigators are treated to a series of experiences thanks to Conductor Henri Peters. Lady Elisabeth makes a new four-legged friend, while Mr. Fraser makes a music all his own. 

Aug 16, 2021

The end is here. Will the investigators survive their battle with the head of England's Black Pharaoh cult? Will the entities of the Misr House devour them? Or is there another fate that awaits our world? 

Come join us, won't you?