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The Old Ways Podcast

May 20, 2022

As Vince picks up the remaining bits of his sanity, the coterie meets to determine another series of bad news items that have been dropped on their plate, including a powerful Kindred on their way to San Francisco. 

May 19, 2022

As Venice descends into chaos, the investigators seek out a doll factory in hopes of locating the next piece of the simulacrum. Professor Courtenay sees an old friend and Mr. Fraser gets an important phone call. 

May 17, 2022

Today we're announcing a special giveaway! Head over to our Twitter page or our Instagram page - follow us, then like the giveaway post, and share it with your friends. Entries are open until May 31st when we'll draw our winner for 4 5th Edition Vampire the Masquerade pdfs of the V5 Core Book, Anarch Guide, Camarilla...

May 16, 2022

With the door behind them sealed, Jack and Meave explore the tunnels beneath the pyramid, while Lillian finds a hospital for Awdel. Sigmund meets and old friend in an unexpected place.

May 13, 2022

Before the coterie can regroup, each are hit with their own immediate needs. Katerina sees an important ally in town, while Vince has a dark revelation about his own vampiric nature.