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The Old Ways Podcast

Jul 17, 2024

As Earth Season arrives, Elara and Fin feel the draw of exploration. Leaving Hill Base, they explore a curiosity brought on by a strange feline outsider.  

Jul 15, 2024

Oliver is shown his temporary housing, which is more than he could have imagined. Dante is offered a compelling future, but one that comes with strings. Kayleigh and Mr B have another chat.

Jul 11, 2024

While investigating the seemingly abandoned villa of their former patron, Lea Marhoun, the crew of the Periphery make a shocking discovery they wish they hadn't.

Jul 10, 2024

In a dark cave, Lysanna and Elara work to save a child, while fending off a powerful ogress. Vargast and Fin hear the call to action and hope to make it in time!

Jul 9, 2024

After her experiences in Red Hook, Erin Webber returns to her home life and chooses to focus her studies on a piece she took from the underground passages there. The consequences of this choice has a cascade effect she won't soon forget.